Making Your Time with God’s Word More Profitable

Pastor David and I are teaching a class on Wednesday evening on How to Approach the Study of God’s Word. Last night (10-30-19) I shared a resources from the Navigator Organization that has been around for at least forty years. It is a simple, but effective way to develop a profitable time with God as you study the Word. Here’s the approach.

As you study, keep these questions in mind:

  1. What example is there to follow?
  2. What command is there to obey?
  3. Is there a sin to avoid or forsake?
  4. What does this passage teach about Jesus Christ and God?
  5. Is there a promise to claim?
  6. Is there a difficulty with which I need help?
  7. What is my prayer from this passage for today?

From experience it has been proved that we both receive and retain more if we write down our findings. Here are a few more suggestions:

  1. Read over and study the preceding questions until they are fixed in your mind.
  2. After reading through the portion you are studying, go back and take it a verse at a time. When that is an answer to one of the questions, jot it down as briefly as possible on the sheet provided for that question.
  3. Study a book through from beginning to end, either a paragraph or a chapter a day.
  4. Each day add to what you found the preceding day.
  5. When you finish studying a book, file the sheet for the book. Soon you will have your devotional commentary on the Bible.
  6. Do not become discouraged when you receive only a few definite answers for some particular portion. The important thing is that you receive something. As we walk in obedience to what we have revealed to us, we shall receive more.
  7. It may take a couple weeks—or even a month—to really become acquainted with this method of study. Stay with it until regular habits are established. Once you start, you will always thank God for firmly establishing the habit of daily Bible study.

It takes time to develop this discipline, but it is time well spent. Begin to apply this approach to your Bible study. You’ll discover a deeper experience with God and His Word.

Join us on Wednesdays at 6 pm in the Worship Center as we practice this approach. We’re covering 1 Timothy 4:1-5.

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