A Huge Field at Our Doorstep

We continue with our 40 Days of Prayer for the Harvest. We are asking the Lord to raise up workers to go into His harvest (Mat. 9:35-38). Remember, the focus of our praying is for workers to be burdened for the harvest.

Jesus tells us to look around us. When we look, we will see there is a great potential of souls all around us! Look around your neighborhood. Look around your school? Look around your office. There are souls who need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There is also a huge field of opportunity right at our doorstep! It’s our Mother’s Day Out program. We have 163 preschool children who come weekly to our campus. From what we’ve discovered, there are over 50 families who do not have a church home. Talk about a field that is white unto harvest! And it is right here at our doorstep.

God has placed a burden on David/Kendall Shirey for these family. I trust He will burden you as well. Would you pray for the Lord to raise up workers to reach into this harvest? Would you pray asking the Lord to create opportunities for us to share the gospel with the children and families.

Pray for the moms (and some dads) to respond to the invitation come to the Selah time in the Youth Basement once a month. Selah is the Hebrew word that means “pause.” Pray for moms to spend one hour with Kendall and other ladies of our church building relationships so they can plant the seed of the gospel.

The first Selah time occurred this past Tuesday, September 17. Six moms form our Mother’s Day Out program came. Praise the Lord for a great start!

So, please join us in praying that we might be faithful to reach the harvest that is at our doorstep.

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